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9th Australian Division (1940-1946)

The Magnificent 9th   -   The Rats of Tobruk

The 9th Division was a division of the Australian Army that served during World War II.

It was the fourth division raised for the Second Australian Imperial Force (2nd AIF)

  • in front line combat longer, cumulatively, than any other Australian division

  • one of the Australian military's most decorated formations

  • the only 2nd AIF division formed in the United Kingdom, from infantry brigades and support units formed in Australia

  • praised by both Allied and Axis generals, including Montgomery and Rommel

  • one of only a few Allied army units to serve in both the Mediterranean and Pacific theatres.

  • served at Siege of Tobruk and First & Second Battles of El Alamein

  • served in New Guinea 1943-1944

  • served in Borneo 1945

  • disbanded at end of the war in early 1946

  • estimated size of between 16,000 - 18,000 personnel

Notable Commanders

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