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There have been many books written about the Siege, some no longer in print unfortunately.

But there are also some recent publications well worth trying to get your hands on to learn more about our brave Rats of Tobruk.

Whilst this is not a complete list we will keep updating these page as we come across both old and new.

Click the book image for more details about the book and where it may be purchased or where to start looking for a copy.

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This website and the information it contains would not be possible without the work of our many researchers behind the scenes, descendants and friends of the Rats. Special mention to Owen Carlton and Roger Murphy who have tirelessly worked for years verifying and documenting the Rats roll, our descendant Ray Windlow for his on-going work creating the tributes and store products for the Association, and others too many to mention who work towards keeping this story alive for the benefit of future generations. Much of the information reproduced has been sourced from the Australian War Memorial records, Battalion records, private memoirs, NAA and DVA service records and online documentation on events, places and people. All attempts possible have been made to verify its correctness and that due credit is acknowledged where known to the source. 

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