Order of Battle at the Siege of Tobruk 1941

(The following text is transcribed from AWM File of Research No 577, dated 20 January 1958

  • Advance Headquarters 9th Australian Division

  • Rear Headquarters 9th Australian Division

    • 9th Australian Division Intelligence Section

    • "D" Sec FSS

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion

    • 9th Australian Division Employment Platoon

    • 2/12 Australian Field Regiment (Royal Australian Artillery) plus Signals Section

    • 3rd Australian Anti-Tank Regiment (less 1 Battery)

    • 71st Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • Headquarters Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) 9th Australian Division

    • 2/3th Field Company

    • 2/4th Field Company

    • 2/7th Field Company

    • 2/13th Field Company

    • 2/4th Field Park Company

    • 72nd Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

    • No. 10 (Australian) Cam Unit

  • Headquarters Signals 9th Australian Division

    • "J" Section Signals 7th Australian Division

    • 2 Operations Section Signals 1 Australia Corps

  • Headquarters 18th Australian Infantry Brigade  plus Signals Section

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion

    • 16th Australian Anti-Tank Company

    • 2/9th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/10th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/12th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 47th Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • Headquarters 20th Australian Infantry Brigade  plus Signals Section

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion

    • 20th Australian Anti-Tank Company

    • 2/13th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/15th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/17th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 58th Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • Headquarters 24th Australian Infantry Brigade  plus Signals Section

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion​

    • 24th Australian Anti-Tank Company

    • 2/28th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/43rd Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • Under Command

    • 2/32nd Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 76th Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • Headquarters 26th Australian Infantry Brigade  plus Signals Section

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion​

    • 26th Australian Anti-Tank Company

    • 2/23rd Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/24th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/48th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 78th Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • 2/1st Australian Pioneer Battalion

  • Headquarters AASC 9th Australian Division (Australian Army Service Corps)

    • 9th Australian Division Petroleum Company

    • 9th Australian Division Supply Column

    • 7th Australian Division Supply Column

    • 9th Australian Division Ammunition Company

  • Headquarters AAMC 9th Australian Division (Australian Army Medical Corps)

    • 2/3rd Field Ambulance

    • 2/5th Field Ambulance

    • 2/8th Field Ambulance

    • 2/11th Field Ambulance

    • 2/4th Field Hygiene Section

  • 9th Australian Division Provost Company

  • 9th Australian Division Salvage Company

  • 9th Australian Division Postal Unit

  • 9th Australian Division Field Cash Office


  • 8th Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Battery


  • 4th Line Section Signals - 1 Australia Corps


  • 2/1 Army Field Workshops - Australian Army Ordnance Corps (AAOC)

  • 2/2 Army Field Workshops - Australian Army Ordnance Corps (AAOC) No. 6 Receiving Section


  • 4th Australian General Hospital

  • 2/2nd Australian Casualty Clearing Station  


  • 4th Army Ordnance Depot -  Australian Army Ordnance Corps (AAOC) 



The following units were formed from 7 and 9 Aust Div Supply Columns and appeared in Orders of Battle subsequent to the one above:

  • No. 1 and 2 Troop Carrying Companys

  • Area Transport Company

  • No. 1 and 2 Aust F.S. Ds

  • 9th Australian Division Reserve Transport Companys

The Order of Battle for September 1941 and October 1941 also included

No. 10 Aust Camouflage Unit (formed from troops already in Tobruk).


p03014-003 morshead colour 1942.jpg


Lieutenant General

Sir Leslie James Morshead



Lieutenant General

Sir John Dudley Lavarack



General Stanisław Kopański





Erwin Rommel




Gastone Gambara




Friedrich Paulus