Order of Battle at the Siege of Tobruk 1941

(The following text is transcribed from AWM File of Research No 577, dated 20 January 1958

  • Advance Headquarters 9th Australian Division

  • Rear Headquarters 9th Australian Division

    • 9th Australian Division Intelligence Section

    • "D" Sec FSS

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion

    • 9th Australian Division Employment Platoon

    • 2/12 Australian Field Regiment (Royal Australian Artillery) plus Signals Section

    • 3rd Australian Anti-Tank Regiment (less 1 Battery)

    • 71st Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • Headquarters Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) 9th Australian Division

    • 2/3th Field Company

    • 2/4th Field Company

    • 2/7th Field Company

    • 2/13th Field Company

    • 2/4th Field Park Company

    • 72nd Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

    • No. 10 (Australian) Cam Unit

  • Headquarters Signals 9th Australian Division

    • "J" Section Signals 7th Australian Division

    • 2 Operations Section Signals 1 Australia Corps

  • Headquarters 18th Australian Infantry Brigade  plus Signals Section

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion

    • 16th Australian Anti-Tank Company

    • 2/9th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/10th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/12th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 47th Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • Headquarters 20th Australian Infantry Brigade  plus Signals Section

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion

    • 20th Australian Anti-Tank Company

    • 2/13th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/15th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/17th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 58th Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • Headquarters 24th Australian Infantry Brigade  plus Signals Section

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion​

    • 24th Australian Anti-Tank Company

    • 2/28th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/43rd Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • Under Command

    • 2/32nd Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 76th Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • Headquarters 26th Australian Infantry Brigade  plus Signals Section

    • 1 x Platoon Australian Headquarters Guard Battalion​

    • 26th Australian Anti-Tank Company

    • 2/23rd Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/24th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 2/48th Australian Infantry  Battalion

    • 78th Light Aid Detachment (LAD)

  • 2/1st Australian Pioneer Battalion

  • Headquarters AASC 9th Australian Division (Australian Army Service Corps)

    • 9th Australian Division Petroleum Company

    • 9th Australian Division Supply Column

    • 7th Australian Division Supply Column

    • 9th Australian Division Ammunition Company

  • Headquarters AAMC 9th Australian Division (Australian Army Medical Corps)

    • 2/3rd Field Ambulance

    • 2/5th Field Ambulance

    • 2/8th Field Ambulance

    • 2/11th Field Ambulance

    • 2/4th Field Hygiene Section

  • 9th Australian Division Provost Company

  • 9th Australian Division Salvage Company

  • 9th Australian Division Postal Unit

  • 9th Australian Division Field Cash Office


  • 8th Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Battery


  • 4th Line Section Signals - 1 Australia Corps


  • 2/1 Army Field Workshops - Australian Army Ordnance Corps (AAOC)

  • 2/2 Army Field Workshops - Australian Army Ordnance Corps (AAOC) No. 6 Receiving Section


  • 4th Australian General Hospital

  • 2/2nd Australian Casualty Clearing Station  


  • 4th Army Ordnance Depot -  Australian Army Ordnance Corps (AAOC) 



The following units were formed from 7 and 9 Aust Div Supply Columns and appeared in Orders of Battle subsequent to the one above:

  • No. 1 and 2 Troop Carrying Companys

  • Area Transport Company

  • No. 1 and 2 Aust F.S. Ds

  • 9th Australian Division Reserve Transport Companys

The Order of Battle for September 1941 and October 1941 also included

No. 10 Aust Camouflage Unit (formed from troops already in Tobruk).



Lieutenant General

Sir Leslie James Morshead


Lieutenant General

Sir John Dudley Lavarack


General Stanisław Kopański




Erwin Rommel



Gastone Gambara



Friedrich Paulus

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